Time & Attendance Solutions

Construction Site Access Control & Time & Attendance Solutions

Controlling site access, monitoring time and attendance, labour tracking and data collection can be time consuming and tedious. Especially on a construction site with numerous subcontractors and visitors.  DataScope’s Time & Attendance Management Solutions are a simple yet effective way to control labour costs, minimise compliance risk and improve workforce productivity.

Key Features
  • Induct new operatives onto the system
  • Review and monitor an individual’s movements
  • Restrict access to certain parts of a construction site
  • Book and manage site training and inductions
  • View and print a range of customisable reports, including muster reports
Construction Site Access Control | Time and Attendance System
Construction Site Access Control Login

Our Time and Attendance solutions use a combination of customisable turnstiles paired with either proximity cards or biometrics to enable operatives to securely enter and exit sites with all of their captured data being sent instantly to our online database. With no installation of software required, manage your workforce simply yet effectively from one login.

A Solution for Every Project

We understand that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to managing Time & Attendance on construction sites so our in-house team of developers has designed a range of bespoke products to meet the requirements of projects of all sizes. Regardless of your project’s size or location, DataScope has you covered.

Construction Site Access Control Bio-metric Turnstile - DataPod
DataPod – Construction Site Turnstile

DataPod has been designed specifically for the construction sector offering a secure, quick-to-deploy and easily movable access control unit. Consisting of a full-height turnstile with secure fingerprint recognition or proximity card reader, DataPod can be installed and ready to go in under two hours and only needs a firm base and power.

Construction Site Time & Attendance Management - DataTime
DataTime – Compact Mobile Time & Attendance Management System

Designed specifically for remote construction sites or sites which do not have the space or need for a turnstile, DataTime has all the benefits of our Time & Attendance Management system all contained in one highly mobile unit that can sit anywhere on site and be moved at any time.

Time & Attendance App - Remote Worker App
Remote Worker App – For Any Smart Phone

The Remote Worker Application is an intelligent solution to monitoring movements of workers who are scheduled to attend remote sites in various locations anywhere in the country. Available for use on any smartphone, operatives can use the Remote Worker app to clock in and out of work sites they are assigned to.

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