Digital Signage


Digital Sinage for Construction Industry

DataVision uses LCD screens to visually convey key messages and information in a really clear yet engaging way. Designed specifically for the construction industry, DataScope builds, delivers and maintains a digital communication system for you to broadcast up-to-the-minute information to your audience.





Key Features

  • Branded to your organisation
  • Flexible screen layout
  • Plays all media types – Images, video, live TV, scrolling texts and more
  • Easy to use – Update message areas in seconds via a drag and drop system
  • Multi-user admin
  • Schedule Messages for certain times

DataVision displays all standard forms of content such as posters, images, movies, web pages, live TV, PowerPoint® presentations, RSS feeds and more.

Bringing together information in such a dynamic and visually-engaging way can turn dull, unused information into attractive business-critical content, as well as re-enforcing crucial health and safety practices which can often be forgotten.






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